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Mesoestetic Facial Peel

What Is Mesoestetic Facial Peel?

Mesoestetic Facial Peels are a premium line of chemical peels. They are a high quality range of chemical solutions which are safe, effective and easy to manage. The facial peel is designed to help clients with concerns such as hyper-pigmentation, skin aging, acne, stretch marks and other skin imperfections. A chemical peel is a technique used to improve and smooth the texture of the skin which causes the dead skin to shed off or often peel off.

What To Expect?

Before applying the facial peel, the therapist will clean and prep the skin. A peel solution is then applied, using a brush and will work around the face avoiding the eye area. While the Mesoestetic peel is working on the face, your therapist will be timing the treatment and staying next to you observing the skin’s reaction. A lot depends on factors like which Mesoestetic Peel was chosen for your skin type, for how long was it applied and the sensation that you felt. For those patients experiencing high level of tingling and heat, a hand-held fan is used to cool the skin and bring some comfort. Once the duration of the peel is over, the solution is removed with a damp cloth and the practitioner will make sure that no traces of the peel are left. An alkaline solution will be applied on to the surface that was treated to neutralize the skin.

There are numerous benefits to Mesoestetic facial peel. Each peel can be tailored for the client’s skin. It helps to purify and oxygenates the skin, leaving it free of impurities. The peel also helps to close open pores, improve texture of the skin and increases thickness of the epidermis. It addresses the effects of skin aging, softening wrinkles and adding firmness including evening out the skin tone, adding luminosity and smoothening imperfections. It lightens dark spots providing a depigmenting effect. It reduces the manifestation of acne and improves appearance of scars.

Post Treatment

Soon after the facial peel, the skin can appear quite pink and in most cases the skin may feel sensitive although these effects might be less noticeable with each repeated treatment. The skin can experience peeling or flaking a couple of days after the treatment. Exfoliation must be avoided for at least 24-48 hours after the treatment. The therapist always finishes the treatment with an SPF which you too should apply for 30 days post treatment. Usually a course of six treatments is recommended at 10-14-day intervals for optimum results.

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