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Moustache / Beard Transplantation, Ahmedabad

What Is Moustache/Beard Transplantation?

Male beauty standards have evolved considerably over the decades and trends in facial hair styling have been as varied over years as women’s hairstyles. With scientific and medical advancements, it has become easier for those looking to finding solutions for wanting to look perfect. Facial hair transplantation is a procedure designed to transplant scalp hair to facial regions lacking density and fullness. This procedure can be performed on beards, moustache areas, sideburns, cheeks and goatee. After the hair have been transplanted, it grows as facial hair which can be cut or shaved to the desired length and style. Beard and moustache can be redeveloped for those patients who either have sparse hair or want to change the shape of their beard. It is also beneficial for those who need to cover up acne and scars on the face. The hair of the beard and moustache are mostly made of follicular units of 1 hair. Usually hairs of beard and moustache appear at puberty under the influence of androgen and increase in density up to the age of 30 years. They are less dense than the hair of the scalp. The density of the beard varies between 25-50 follicular units/cm2 and for the moustache 30 to 45 follicular units/cm2. With the help of FUE technique, a session of two to five hours can help to restore a denser look for the beard or moustache. Medical practitioners first consult with the patient on the look that the latter are desiring. Usually it takes about 250 to 500 grafts for the moustache and 600-1200 grafts for beard on the cheeks. Sometimes for small areas, a beard to beard transplant can be done where in hair from under the chin below the jaw line and neck is taken as donors. The implanted hair starts to regrow by the second and third month and final results are best obtained after about a year. The new grafted hair may be cut using scissors after 15 days, shaving is allowed after one month.

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