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Volite Skin Hydration

Let your skin breathe and rejuvenate

Many treatments have come into being to enhance skin quality and make it look young, hydrated and glowing. Volite is the newest non-invasive cosmetic treatment promising brighter, bouncier and more even textured skin,. The treatment nourishes your skin from its pores and nurtures the skin layer by layer, leaving it healthy inside out.

What is Volite?

Volite is a Skin Quality filler and is basically a liquid form of hyaluronic acid made by Juvéderm, that unlike the typical dermal fillers works on the condition of the skin and was recently launched in India.

Why Volite Skin Hydration Therapy?

Hyaluronic acid, the molecule that can hold up to 1000 times its own weight in water, occurs naturally in our body but levels starts to deplete after the age of 26 years. Given that hydrated skin means plumper skin, losses in hyaluronic acid contribute to visible ageing – which is where Volite does the magic by providing dermal hydration.

How is the procedure done?

It is administered via a number of injections just into the superficial skin, using a very fine needle. Usually topical anaesthetic will be used in advance to make the treatment more comfortable.

Which skin type suits best for this treatment?

This treatment can be conducted on all types of skin – oily, dry, flaky etc. for it is a process to improve the existing quality of the skin. It also can be opted by a person of any age and ethnicity.

Which areas can be treated?

Juvéderm® VOLITE can be used in younger age groups to improve and brighten the skin, and in older age groups with dry skin, leathery skin, or simply for optimising skin texture. We have also seen an improvement in acne scarring.

VOLITE is not just used for the face, but can also be used to improve skin quality and texture on the neck, décolletage and hands.

How long do the results lasts?

It provides clinically proven dermal hydration for up to 9 months after a single treatment.

Any side-effects of the treatment?

Only minor swelling and redness may be experienced during the first few hours after the treatment.

How does the skin look after the treatment?

Typically results reach their peak after 10-14 days. Observations range from brighter, firmer skin, to a smoother feel to the skin, and improvement in fine line and wrinkles. Also, skin appears dewy and plumper to touch.

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