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What Is Hair Booster Therapy?

Mesotherapy is a technique of administration of vitamins, enzymes,hormones and plant – extracts or plasma by micro-injection to the concerned area. At Musk Clinic, our experts start the process by first injecting a calculated solution of vitalizing compounds directly at the root of the thinning hair regions. It is also important for patients to understand that though Mesotherapy is an injectable treatment, yet it is a non-invasive procedure. The procedure is painless because the syringe needle only accesses the mesoderm region of the scalp. In this process, the revitalizing serum initiates new hair growth and lessens fall simultaneously. This localised stimulation helps to strengthen the quality of hair follicles and works to increase their survival potential. The serum also tends to stimulate collagen and increase follicle size. It also improves blood circulation in the thinning region ensuring your hair gets sufficient nutrition. Other than that, Mesotherapy for hair helps to inhibit the secretion of excess DHT or dihydrotestosterone which is the main hormone leading to high hair fall. This line of treatment is usually recommended for those who are experiencing a recent or chronic hair fall due to various factors like nutritional deficiency, illness, and change in environmental factors, stress and such. The process takes around 30 minutes and doesn’t involve any side effects. Also there are no pre or post precautionary measures that are required to be followed.

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