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What Is Obagi?

For most of us the quest for youthful looking skin which is blemish free and wrinkle free is a dream. While lifestyle choices and environmental factors do play a large role in making sure we maintain our youthful glow, there are certain means and ways which we can opt for to bring us closer to our perfect skin.

Among the numerous brands and products being studied and promoted for their various benefits, one that stands out for its excellent results is Obagi Medical Products. Founded by well-known dermatologist Dr. Zein Obagi, it was originally formulated for physician use only. Among the various products under this brand, the one that is widely known for its excellent skin-rejuvenating results is the “3-step peel” & ‘‘Blue Peel’’.

At Musk Clinic we believe in bringing to our patrons the choice of nothing but the various best treatments that are available today world over. We are proud to state that we have a comprehensive range of Obagi products which include both over-the-counter formulations as well as in prescription form from medical and skin care professionals.

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