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Cosmetic Bat Ear Correction

What Is Bat Ear Correction?

Ear correction or ear pinning (also called otoplasty) is a surgical procedure to correct the look of the ears to make them more visually appealing. Some people who may have protruding ears can find it extremely bothersome. Thus opting for cosmetic ear operation maybe the solution they need. Ears that have an attractive shape and are naturally close to the head make for a pleasing look. This surgery is also beneficial for those looking for correction of the central crease in the outer part of the ear. Other than that ears and earlobes can also be reduced in size so as to balance the facial appearance. It is vital to note that each anatomical problem requires its own individual solution.

What To Expect?

Ear correction takes between 1 and 2 hours. With prominent ears (bat ears) or with correction of the outer part of the ear a small incision is usually made, under a local anesthesia, just behind the ear. For ear pinning no cartilage is removed; the outer part of the ear is fixed in place to achieve the desired shape. Every ear correction is performed with a local anesthesia, which means that one is fit to go home soon after the procedure. After the procedure you will need to wear an elastic bandage for a few days. It takes about two weeks for any swelling or bruising to disappear. After your ear correction surgery you will be given special aftercare instructions. As each ear correction is different, each patient is given a specific tailor-made aftercare plan.

The final result of ear correction surgery is only visible after 4 to 6 weeks following the procedure. The results are permanent.

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