Hair Transplant Surgery

Revision Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair Transplant is all about doing it right at the first time. As are ought to be there are sometimes those odd cases where in the results of hair transplant surgery donโ€™t meet the requirements and expectations that were desired and sought after. It is for those patients that our specialists and hair loss experts aim to help achieve a considerably acceptable look. A previously done surgery that hasnโ€™t gone well can be due to insufficient coverage, awkward angling of transplanted hair or even unsightly scars. Our experts aim to help you solve all these issues so that we can restore your confidence and looks to the best that you desire. There are also sometimes cases where in a patient who might be happy with his hair transplant may need additional treatments years later since hair loss is a progressive condition. These patients too can be helped and a customized hair loss prevention medication plan can be worked out for them to make sure they can deal with this issue.