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Liquid Face Lift

What Is Liquid Face Lift?

For an effective treatment plan it is important to identify key areas and understand the aging process for each individual based on their current lifestyle and the expectations that they may have. It is natural that as one ages, the plumpness of the youthful skin diminishes and wrinkles and folds begin to appear.

The Liquid face lift is a technique wherein eight distinct areas of the face are marked and enhanced for an attractive face. Usually the soft tissue volume in each of these eight areas is what gives the female face its youthful, smooth curves; and gives the male face its strength and structure. The idea behind the 8-point face lift is that we don’t age only in one part of the face, so treating only one area will not give the ideal cosmetic rejuvenation that men and women require as they age.

What To Expect?

The Liquid Face Lift is a specialized volumising and lifting facial treatment, also referred to as a non-surgical facelift or 8-point facelift. The treatment uses dermal fillers to enhance and lift the face for a total rejuvenating effect. The process for 8-point face lift involves three sessions. The first session would be a 30 minutes consultation where in our doctors would examine your face and talk to you in depth about what would you like to achieve before beginning the treatment. In your second appointment, which would be scheduled a week weeks later, dermal fillers will be used around the eyes and cheek bones to give your face a more defined look and to restore volume. Your doctors may also recommend fillers to restore fullness and reshape your lips, chin and nose. Your third appointment will take place about six weeks later and the treatment at this stage will depend on the results achieved at our previous session. The doctor will assess your progress and add the final finishing touches as required. It is important that the final results are natural and subtle looking without being overdone.


Facial contouring using dermal fillers for volume and tissue support and neuro-modulators to lift brows, mouth, neck

No surgery required! We use a topical prescription numbing cream that we apply here in the office. We schedule you to arrive 30 minutes prior to your procedure so that you have some time to let the numbing cream take effect.

This depends on the person and also if full correction has been achieved. The average person lasts between 6-12 months. Sometimes small touch ups are needed at the 3 month time period.

With numbing cream the procedure is very doable. Pretty hurts … but not too much

With any type of injection there is always a possibility of bruising or swelling bu that does not happen to everyone. We always tell you to avoid any aspirin, aleve, or ibuprofen 7 days before coming in to see us in order to decrease your chances of bruising.

You will see most of the results immediately. As any swelling or bruising in your face it will subside and you should see full effects in about 2 weeks.

We usually suggest an initial treatment with a follow up treatment 2-3 weeks later.

Every patient is different , but with full correction we typically see results lasting 12-18 months when using volume, Juvederm® or Restylane®. For the Botox® portion we see results lasting 3-6 months, which is why you need a follow up appointment a few times a year.

As with any injection there can be bruising or swelling. We typically tell clients that they need to wait 1-2 weeks and then return for a follow up to make sure their liquid lift looks perfect.

The liquid lift is a great option for clients who do NOT want a traditional facelift. A liquid lift is also a perfect transition when you may not quite be ready for a Facelift but still need some lift. Keep in mind that the LFL is not for everyone so come in for a consult. Keep in mind that there are some type of results that you can only get with traditional surgery.

Bruising and swelling are the main concerns.

The best candidate is a client who has great skin and skin texture who need to replace volume that has depleted from their face due to aging.

No – no treatments while you are pregnant. We also require you to be finished with breast feeding before starting back to your cosmetic treatments.

Juvederm Voluma has just been approved for mid face usage. So some of the areas that we treat while doing a liquid lift are approved by the FDA. We also use FDA approved injectables for ‘off label’ areas.

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