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Top 3 Proven Ways To Prevent Wrinkles

Posted on October 19, 2023

Top 3 Proven Ways To Prevent Wrinkles


Wrinkles are the lines and facial creases that form on the face – which is a natural part of ageing, in the time frame when the skin starts lacking collagen – basically, a protein present within your body that gives skin a firm structure and elasticity for moving easily.

Once the skin starts losing collagen, it becomes drier, thinner, and less elastic in appearance. Also in the elder years of life, the skin loses its fat and water content making it thinner and enabling UV rays to penetrate more deeply than in young skin.

Exposure to the sun or ultraviolet (UV) rays is another cause of getting wrinkles. Body areas such as the face, back, neck, and hands are where most premature wrinkled skin has been noticed. 

The skin tone on a scale of 1-6 also matters in the development of wrinkles and sun spots. Melanin – the substance in the body that produces skin pigmentation, hair, and the eye is likely to see in more people having dark skin which protects them from sunburn /skin damage.

Fairer skin aesthetics automatically have thinner and lighter colour complexion which is why they are more affected by UV rays that lastly results in losing moisture readily and the breaking down of collagen that develops more static wrinkles at a younger age. 

On one side where darker shades get protection from UV rays, their easily tanning skin complexion holds a higher risk of developing skin cancer. As per the evidence, the Food and Drug Administration suggests that getting tan will not protect the skin from sunburn or other skin damage but will ultimately higher the risk of developing skin cancer.

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But Why Am I Having Wrinkles In My 20s?

Nowadays, young people in their mid-20s have started getting wrinkles. But the thing to keep in mind is that it is completely normal as the wrinkles start popping in the 20s only and become noticeable after the age of 25. 

Still, there are some aspects which state the reason for getting wrinkles at an early age such as:

Genetic Factors: which inherited the skin colour, texture, and resiliency from sun exposure / UV rays.

Photodamage: the fine and coarse wrinkles, roughness, freckles and changes in pigmentation caused due to prolonged exposure to the sun. 

Smoking: leads to an increase of production in enzymes which break down collagen and make skin lose its elasticity making it look more aged.

Facial Expressions/Movements: including squinting, too much smiling, and also raising eyebrows every now and then. Each time the facial muscle gets in use, a groove forms under the surface of the skin.

Sleeping Position: the least expected reason causing wrinkles, side and pillow-facing sleepers mostly get deeper wrinkles/creases on the face, cheeks, and chin.

As the age differs the reason for getting wrinkles changes too, so how about moving to proven ways of preventing wrinkles for the 20s, 30s, 40s, and even above?

Top 3 Proven Ways To Prevent Wrinkles

Wear SPF & Sun Protection

It’s official! In other words, proven by dermatologist way for the prevention of wrinkles. Most of you must be like simply sunscreen and that’s it!? And the answer is “Yes!”.

Not only for wrinkles, wearing SPF & Sun Protection also helps in the prevention of other symptoms of photoaging as higher exposure to the sun can also lead to sunspots, reduction in skin’s elasticity, and breaking down of capillaries near the nose and chest.

For avoiding such consequences and maintaining wrinkle-free skin with a smooth texture and standard skin tone application of sunscreen that includes SPF 30 and above is recommended on a daily basis.

Add A Retinol Cream

Retinol is basically a Topical vitamin A-based medication, mostly used and studied anti-ageing compound aiding in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles appearance. 

Retinol also benefits from the increase of skin cell production, collage, and unclogging of the pores. Also, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration themselves has approved the topical retinoid trifarotene for treating acne vulgaris.

With the production of new blood vessels, using Retinol Cream constantly results in skin colour complexion improvement and due to the collagen production – the skin gets younger looking, fresher, and plumpy.

Anti-Wrinkles Injections

In which two methods take place; first go with the injection of synthetic material directly into the skin which results in the plumping of the skin areas where any type of fold, crease, or wrinkle has taken place. Dermal Fillers are an example of this kind of wrinkle and anti-ageing procedure.

The second method includes the relaxing of muscles, minimally invasive anti-ageing treatment named Botox cosmetic treatment is an ideal example in which a thin needle consisting of dermatologist-approved ingredients gets directly injected into facial muscles and relaxes the proactive muscles’ contraction and gives the skin a smoother and younger appearance.

For deciding the exact procedure depends on the patient’s requirements and previous skin treatment he/she considered on the skin, to figure out the best anti-ageing treatment one should discuss it with their dermatologist first.

Wrapping It Up!

From causes to cures, we have been through multiple environmental and habitual consequences that lead to wrinkles in both early and old ages.  

Undoubtedly, there must be multiple queries which might be raised in your head due to skin type, tone, and conditions to get tailored assistance and an anti-ageing solution contacting with specialised professionals for facial concerns is crucial.

Musk Clinic is one of them! A multi-speciality skin & cosmetic clinic equipped with USFDA-approved technologies and top-notch levels of patient care and treatments assuring optimum results and convenience. To have a further discussion with our proficient dermatologist drop your inquiry at, and we’ll soon get in touch with you.

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