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6 Quick Facts of Body Contouring

Posted on October 16, 2023

6 Quick Facts of Body Contouring


No matter how hard you exercise and diet, those stubborn fatty pockets aren’t getting rid of your body – is it? Then let us tell you a fact the problem is not with your schedule, it is the skin. 

Not losing the required weight often ends us hitting gyms and undergoing training sessions that are not even preferred by us, in between all these we always forget to ask ourselves if it is really necessary. 

As different areas of the body hold dissimilar amounts of fat cells, shedding the excess ones is not always easy; in women, the hardest part to lose fat cells is the hips, things, and butt.

Whereas in men the metabolism level is higher than in women which makes it easier for them to lose weight – the hardest body area to lose fat cells in men is belly fat.

But do you know where the table turns? As per the survey, 1/4 (one of four) gym members are unsatisfied with their gyming club most of the time due to the environment and facing the unstructured self in front of so many people.

The question of losing fat still keeps revolving around us, so let’s move to the way out which is Body Contouring, also known as body sculpting – Yes, you might even hear about this before but some of the myths…Phew always stabs us in the back whenever we make the right choices for us.

But today’s show is clearly not based on that, all we are about to do is talk facts and shed our doubts sooner than those fat pockets. So let’s step ahead and first get a quick review of what body contouring is.

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What is Body Contouring treatment?

The term body contouring refers to both surgical and non-surgical procedures which take place for sculpting the body from certain areas where excessive fat is creating issues in certain activities and the appearance of the entire body. 

Surgical or invasive body contouring includes treatment like liposuction recovery and tummy tuck surgery but as each thing has its own pros and cons surgical body contouring does have its cons too which are considerably dangerous such as :

  1. Excessive bleeding due to damage in the blood pocket under the skin
  2. Damage to important body parts such as muscles, nerves, and blood vessels.
  3. Pain and swelling for a longer than expected period.
  4. Can cause infectious diseases.
  5. Discolouration or unnecessary scarring of the skin.

Which is why non-surgical or non-invasive body contouring treatments such as Body by BTL – an FDA-approved procedure that includes ultrasound, sound-wave energy, and radio frequency are more preferred. In this procedure, even if any post-treatment situation arises it only includes temporary redness, swelling, or bruising which gets recovered in several days only.

Coming to the body contouring facts!

1. It’s Fat Loss, Not Weight Loss.

The body contouring procedure is carried out for the deduction of fat cells from the body on which exercise and diet aren’t able to bring results or not making any kind of difference. 

With the help of non-surgical body contouring treatment, one doesn’t need to feel like a helpless chicken on which the knives and sharp instruments are just working anyways. 

The patient can simply have a seat back, and the radio frequencies will complete all of their job by themselves – not only by destroying the fat cells but also tightening the saggy skin which also helps in boosting collagen and plumping skin appearance.

2. All Age Groups Above 18 Can Undergo The Procedure.

Non-surgical body contouring is also done on patients younger than 18, but the requirement of a guardian gets raised here and most of all industry professionals suggest getting it done at or above

For non-invasive body contouring procedures there are no upper-age limitations, but before getting into the treatment one should apparently let the doctor know if conducted any skin treatments previously or going through any other skin treatments.

3. A New Treatment For Double Chins.

The double chin – which mostly gets us the feeling of a pigeon – is to an end with Body by BTL, as it can treat any of the face or body areas. Its laser rays target the fat pockets around the chin and neck further processing with its breaking down into smaller sizes – lastly concluding the procedure with the safe and natural removal of excess fat cells from the body.

4. Everyone’s Contour Timeline Varies.

Because each portion of the body contains a different amount of fat cells! Exactly, we have also learnt about this previously and as the non-invasive contouring depends on several points such as the body area to want to get treated, desired results, removal of excess fat cells from the natural method, and also the generating of new collagen – takes quite a time! This is why everyone’s contour timeline varies, if an individual wants results for a long time he/she must undergo sessions with several breaks in between them.

5. Be Patient For The Results.

Non-surgical body contouring associates no risks and even no downtime, whereas surgical body contouring associates life-threatening risks and downtime of 4-6 weeks. 

Rather than forcing the body and undergoing surgical practices non-invasive body contouring let each part take enough rest and then prepare for the next session. So if you are looking for a safer way of body contouring, you should be a little patient even if your eagerness won’t allow you to do so you can definitely discuss it with the doctor.

6. It’s Important To Follow Aftercare.

Keep your body hydrated between the interval of the session which will help it create metabolism and remove excess fat cells more quickly.

Alcohol/alcoholic beverages and even smoking should be avoided at both pre and post-treatment spans as consumption of such items can break down the metabolism and cause poor results.

You should regularly take time out of 15-30 minutes for physical exercises such as walking, riding a bicycle or swimming as it evidently helps in acquiring and maintaining results for longer.

Time to switch your personality to a perfectly sculpted you!

Huff! We came a long way along, and hope each of those points brought enough clarity to your related body contouring. Don’t forget to keep these facts in your head (as quite essential to battle against myths). 

If you still have some queries or want to discuss non-surgical body contouring treatment feel free to contact Musk Clinic at +91-7043006599, and we will be right there to help you!

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