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Hair Transplantation in 2023: ARTAS 9x Robotic Hair Restoration

Posted on October 9, 2023

Hair Transplantation in 2023: ARTAS 9x Robotic Hair Restoration


Restoring the hairline is the key to regaining confidence.

While hair thinning is common with age, watching your hairline receding every time you look in the mirror can feel stressful.

Fortunately, help is at hand. If you want to regrow your receding hairline, allow ARTAS 9x Robotic Hair Restoration to do all the wonders.

With the evolution in technology, the newest technologies are being introduced for hair transplant surgery.

ARTAS 9x Robotic Hair Restoration is one of them. 

Curious about knowing how it works, the pros and cons of the treatment, the costs, and how it’s better than other hair transplant treatments? 

Great! This blog is all about that. Read on to explore everything related to this robotic hair restoration treatment.

What Is ARTAS 9x Robotic Hair Restoration?

The ARTAS system was created by research engineers of an American company called Restoration Robotics, Inc. in 2008. After undergoing rigorous testing, it was approved by the USFDA for precise and safe robotic hair transplant surgery in the year 2011.

Today, ARTAS® Robotic System is the world’s most popular and advanced technology used for surgical hair restoration. The technology is used by physicians while performing FUE hair procedures with more accuracy and consistency.

The system uses state-of-the-art robotic and artificial intelligence technology for the most precise and efficient harvesting to offer natural-looking results without any linear scar.

Equipped with digital cameras, it allows surgeons to see every operation detail and make necessary adjustments. The automated micro-punches in it are used to place directly on the patient’s head. 

Moreover, the ARTAS robot uses complex algorithms to automatically extract the strongest and healthiest follicular units.

How Does ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant Work?

The ARTAS® robotic system is a minimally invasive hair restoration process that uses 3D technology to create a customized plan for your personalized hairline design.

With 3D images, the ARTAS AI algorithms identify and select the healthiest hair follicles for hair transplantation. Then these hair follicles are harvested with robotic precision and speed to the scalp areas that may be thinning or balding.

The process preserves the natural look of both your donor area and the new implantation area, meaning no linear scarring.


Advantages Of ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant

If you are considering ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant, then there are many benefits of this hair transplant surgery. 

✔️ Natural Looking Results: The process provides thicker and more natural-looking results. It protects the existing hair on the scalps as well as maintains the natural appearance of the donor and recipient area.

✔️ No Linear Scar: This is a minimally invasive treatment that accurately harvests and implants hair follicles without using scalpels or stitches, which means there is no place for linear scarring.

✔️ Quick & Effective: This robotic hair transplant procedure is done with greater precision and speed, making it the fastest in comparison to other hair transplant methods.

✔️ Consistency: The ARTAS robotic system doesn’t experience fatigue, which means every graft transplanted will have the same level of quality.

✔️ Micro-Level Precision: With 3D scalp visualization, the ARTAS robotic system identifies the best hair follicles for extraction.

✔️  Digital Mapping: The system can create digital imaging maps, angle orientation, and follicular unit direction, which reduces the risks of overharvesting. 

Disadvantages Of ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant

Just like everything, ARTAS Robotic hair transplant also has some cons. Though the pros of  ARTAS Robotic hair transplant certainly outweigh the cons.

❌ This hair transplant surgery isn’t suitable for patients with thin and frizzy hair.

❌ While it protects extracted hairs, it may damage nearby hair follicles along the donor area.

Difference Between ARTAS 9x Robotic Hair Restoration And Traditional Methods

Below are the top 5 differences between ARTAS 9x Robotic Hair Restoration and other hair transplant methods.

ARTAS 9x Robotic Hair Restoration Other Hair Transplant Methods
Uses ARTAS Robotic technology Uses manual method 
Have ARTAS Robotic accuracy, precision, and reproducibility Might give inconsistent and variable manual results
A high-definition stereoscopic vision systemMagnifying loupes 
The ARTAS systems monitor and updates parameter for each follicular unit 60 times per secondThe human eye and brain can only process 10 to 12 separate images per second
ARTAS Artificial Intelligence algorithms are used to detect and determine many characteristics including angles, thickness, and hair typeSubjective guessing is used to determine hair characteristics

How Much Does ARTAS 9x Robotic Hair Transplant Cost In Ahmedabad?

Each patient has unique needs; hence, it’s important to consult with doctors at Musk Clinic to get the right estimate of hair transplant costs.

Restore Your Fuller Hairline At Musk Clinic

If you want to regain your confidence by restoring your hairline with ARTAS 9X Robotic Hair Restoration, we encourage you to visit Musk Clinic.

Musk Clinic is the best hair transplant clinic in Ahmedabad. We always stay up to date by using the most advanced technology for hair restoration. Not only this, we are the only clinic in India that is using the latest version of ARTAS robotic technology, i.e., ARTAS 9X

Book your appointment today to know more about ARTAS robotic hair transplant.


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