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Advanced Radiance Facial – All You Need To Know

Posted on July 27, 2021

Advanced Radiance Facial – All You Need To Know

It’s no secret that everyone yearns for a soft & radiant skin that they can proudly flaunt.

While you may be sparing no effort to achieve the best results with your skincare regime, sometimes it’s best to let the beauty experts take care of you.

Currently, you can find tons of facial treatments and medical procedures available on the market. However, not all of them are efficiently useful in helping you accomplish flawless, healthy & glowing skin.

On top of that, most of these facial treatments entail downtime and extensive aftercare, that demand time off work or any other of your dynamic routines.

Well, Musk Clinic has an amazing solution to all of these problems.

Advanced Radiance Facial

Presenting to you a treatment that guarantees real results – the Advanced Radiance Facial by Musk Clinic. Specially crafted by our medical experts, this ingenious facial acts as a refreshing agent for your tired skin and makes it intensely hydrated & revitalized.

The facial includes a 5-step process that’s prudently arranged to deal with the typical & standard concerns of the face such as sun damage, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, redness, fine lines, and lackluster skin.

With absolutely ZERO pain & discomfort, the Advanced Radiance Facial by Musk Clinic serves as the perfect addition to your monthly skincare regime.

What Does This Facial Treatment Involve?

As mentioned earlier, the entire treatment is comprised of 5 essential steps that carefully tend to your skin with its sophisticated ingredients.

  1. The Advanced Radiance Facial treatment kicks-off with a deep & thorough facial cleansing to completely remove the dirt, oil & other unwanted debris.
  1. The second step involves skin rejuvenation via Harmony AFT (Advanced Florescence Technology), which is a patented technology from Alma Lasers. The AFT is acknowledged as the next generation of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and uses an LED-powered applicator to emit this light which is gentler than IPL.
  1. After the skin rejuvenation, a customized peeling serum is applied to the face. The serum is formulated to specifically address the particular patient’s skin concerns and needs.
  1. Once the peel is rinsed off, a cool mask that contains collagen and other essential vitamins is placed on the skin to revitalize it neatly.
  1. The facial treatment concludes with a hydrating agent and a sunscreen being applied on the face.

Post-Treatment Care

Once a patient undergoes the Advanced Radiance Facial, he/she is generally advised to avoid direct sun exposure for a certain time period (usually a few days). Furthermore, it is highly recommended to regularly use sunscreen since exposure to the UV rays can cause the treated skin to be affected by pigmentation which reduces the effectiveness of the treatment.

The expert doctors at Musk Clinic typically suggest spacing out the treatment sessions around two weeks so as to give your skin adequate time to rejuvenate.

The Musk Clinic Advantage

Our medical experts firmly believe in constant innovation to achieve the finest results through the application of world-class & certified technologies. Choosing this treatment at Musk Clinic will ensure a stunning and satisfactory experience for you.

It’s time to brighten up your skin with a pleasantly relaxing treatment & spruce up your monthly skincare regime with our Advanced Radiance Facial.

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