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Laser Hair Reduction – Pros And Preventions

Posted on February 15, 2022

Laser Hair Reduction – Pros And Preventions

If you are considering laser hair removal treatment then you should have all the necessary information about the entire process, including things to keep in mind before the procedure and after, what it is, what will be done and what should be done. Laser hair reduction treatment is a specially designed medical procedure that uses a concentrated beam of pulsating laser to reduce unwanted hair from the skin’s surface.

This process has to be performed with utmost precision or it may end with negative consequences like burning in inexperienced hands; this is why it’s imperative to choose a clinic with experienced professionals like the Musk Clinic. Now let us talk about the process:

The Pre-Process:


The treatment takes place in a setup consisting of all the necessary types of equipment & protective eyewear which is mandatory for everyone during the entire procedure.

To perform the procedure the treatment area is first applied with a skin-friendly gel, given a light massage and spread till it is set.

What Happens During Laser Hair Removal?


In the process, normally a laser beam is emitted that damages the tube-shaped hair follicles within the skin that are responsible for the production of new hair. This damage further inhibits or delays future hair growth.

Some patients’ verdict says that the laser pulses feel like warm pinpricks or a rubber band being snapped against the skin.

Note:  Although laser treatment effectively delays hair growth, it usually doesn’t result in permanent hair removal. So multiple treatments are needed for the treatment.

How Long Does The Treatment Take?


The treatment usually takes about 3-4 hours which may vary according to the area being treated. Follow up sessions are necessary every few months depending on the growth of hair. The number of sessions differs from person to person.

Pros of Laser Treatment:


  1. The results are permanent.
  2. Hassle-free technique, with no pain.
  3. It reduces the chances of getting ingrown hairs, which are most commonly seen in hair-removal procedures like waxing.
  4. It would also aid people to avoid skin pigmentation in areas like arms and legs that happen with waxing.
  5. All the lasers used during the procedure are FDA approved so the procedure is safe for the skin

Precautions To Be Taken Care Of After The Process:


After the treatment has been completed, certain measures need to be taken care of for a successful recovery and to avoid issues:

  • Avoid direct sunlight from hitting your treated skin.
  • Do not use a tanning bed, sun lamp, or any other indoor tanning equipment.
  • Avoid any sunless skin creams(SPF) that darken your skin initially.
  • Do not wax, thread or pluck the hair.
 The After Treatment:


After the treatment is complete, certain measures are imperative to ensure a soothing recovery, as results vary significantly from person-to-person and are difficult to predict. For most people, hair reduction lasts for several months, and it might last for years. But laser procedure doesn’t guarantee permanent hair removal. When hair regrows, it’s usually finer and lighter in color. So multiple laser treatments might be required, or as suggested by your doctor.

The Conclusion:


Now that you have all the key information about laser hair removal, you have all the necessary details to make an informed decision. 

There is no other place that performs this treatment better than Musk Clinic. A promise that defines us is that we strive to make you look like the best version of yourself.

At Musk, our expert aestheticians are specially qualified to perform complex procedures and trained to use state-of-the-art machines.

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