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Visia Face Scan

What is VISIA Face Scan?

VISIA face scan is a system that uses multispectral imaging techniques to analyze and capture crucial visual information of six areas that affect the health and look of your complexion: wrinkles, spots, pores, complexion evenness, porphyrins (presence of bacteria in pores) and UV spots (i.e. photo damage characteristics which are a result of excess exposure to sun).

VISIA face scan also provides an informative comparison of the characteristics of your complexion with the complexion of women from our database containing thousands of profiles. This helps our specialists to suggest optimal treatments and skin care regimes.

Before Treatment

At your first consultation you will get an extensive and detailed report on your skin, together with photographs and recommendations for products and treatments for regeneration, rejuvenation or treatment for different skin conditions. The computer will be able to store your details so that after a series of treatments you will be able to see the improvements on your skin. This is helpful as it you can monitor your progress as it improves.

Helps To Monitor Face Conditions

VISIA face scan and analysis helps to monitor the specific conditions:

  • Visible spots (irregularities occurring on the skin surface – blemishes, scars, age spots and other spots)
  • Wrinkles (aging results, most common around the eyes and mouth)
  • Texture (peaks and valleys – blue dots show the valleys, and yellow dots show the peaks)
  • Pores (small openings spread all over the skin)
  • UV spots (sun damage spots on the surface and in deeper layers of skin)
  • Brown spots (loss of skin colour including localised hyperpigmentation, melasma under the eyes, and moles)
  • Red areas (redness caused by spider veins, Rosacea, inflammations or swelling consequences)
  • Porphyrin (natural bacteria that can live in pores and cause swelling).

Since VISIA face scan gives the most comprehensive analysis for identification of all aspects of your skin’s health, from complexion evenness and wrinkles to sun damage, it helps to adjust the line of treatment while the treatment is going on so that one can see the optimal results. Also, the analysis thus made can be used for all facial treatments whether they are dermal fillers, Botox therapy or any other noninvasive treatment like chemical peel or microdermabrasion.

Your VISIA face scan and analysis will take just a few minutes and is a comfortable process. Once complete, the review of your results and consultation will typically take from 30 minutes to an hour, focusing on your specific problem areas and comparing your results with others of the same age, sex and skin type. Your analysis will also include personal treatment recommendations.

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