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Visia Face Scan

Posted on June 17, 2019

Visia Face Scan

It is important to know your own face and the concerns of the facial skin till the deepest layer. How about we indulge a technology specifically designed for facial analysis?

The technology is Visia Face Scanner. It is a system that uses multi-spectral imaging technique to analyse and capture the details of your skin, which contribute to your skin’s health, namely:

* Spots:-

This feature gives the optimum level of superficial spot damage caused by acne and other inflammatory causes.

* Wrinkles and fine lines:-

This feature gives an evaluation of the extent of skin laxity and aging effect.

* Pores:-

This defines the tendency of one’s skin to amount of open pores.

* Skin texture:-

This attribute measures whether the skin is smooth or rough.

* Redness of skin tone:-

This feature determines the presence of inflammation of skin in acne prone patients.

* UV spots and Brown spots:-

This detects the amount of damage occured due to ultraviolet rays that are present in the sunlight, LEDs, LCDs and scans any deep tanned spots or moles on face.

* Porphyrins ;-

These are the bacteria responsible to cause acne. This gives the estimate of the amount of these bacteria on face.

* The TruSkin Age:-

This exclusive feature gives the patient his or her skin’s age by properly calibrating all the attributes of a face scan. This age value varies from patient’s actual age as per the condition of skin.

* 3-D viewer:-

This feature gives an enlarged picture of a section of skin in a three dimensional vision. It specifically helps in analyzing any specific scar or surface of the skin in a magnified manner.

All our patients go through the Visia Face Scan prior to consultation. A computerized camera will scan the surface of your face, rotating to capture a complete representation of frontal, left and right views. The doctor looks at all the attributes listed above and explains their importance. With the scans, the doctor will consult with you to ensure you understand the results and compare your skin to others of your age and discuss possible treatment options for you.

Visia surface and subsurface analysis

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